The Rojas-Moreno Family

Luis Rojas and Magdalena Moreno
Founders of Eurogol S.A.S and the Dietzen brand.

In the mid 80s, we began producing custom uniforms for a variety of sports teams including soccer, basketball and volleyball. Nowadays we take great pride in producing quality customised garments for a wide range of industries.

The combination of our research into digital printing and our careful manufacturing processes allow us to create durable and innovative designs, and long lasting colours for all types of clothing.

The Facemask

When COVID-19 hit Colombia, our business and families were deeply affected. As the lockdowns began, we lost a large percentage of our work and clients. As a family business we couldn’t bear the thought of shutting our doors. We realised our expertise in clothing manufacturing could be employed to create a reusable mask that was water repellent and could be quickly and easily washed and dried.

DIETZEN FACEMASK is made from high quality materials, including the use of Colombian-made fabrics with Laftech Repellent Technology. This fabric is a 100% polyester material that repels liquids and protects against accidental splashes, keeping the user dry. This makes it ideal for face masks keeping any wet particles, dirt or dust away.


Personalisation is the core of our business and so we also offer the ability to custom design your own DIETZEN FACEMASK. Contact Us today to enquire or click Tell me more to find out how it works.

“We have created DIETZEN FACEMASK with a vision for a better world. We created a product that helps people live their lives with comfort, while protecting themselves and others.

We chose a range of contemporary, fashionable colours for DIETZEN FACEMASK so they can be easily paired with any outfit.”

Luis Rojas

Hemos creado el TAPABOCAS DIETZEN  con la visión de un mundo mejor. Creamos un producto que ayuda a las personas a vivir sus vidas con comodidad, mientras se protegen a sí mismas y a los demás.

Elegimos una gama de colores contemporáneos y de moda para que el TAPABOCAS DIETZEN pudiera combinarse fácilmente con cualquier prenda.”

Luis Rojas